About Us

sarah and amandaWith a passion for family, children and education, twin sisters Amanda and Sarah applied their roles as moms, combined with their extensive teaching and artistic backgrounds, to co-found Excited2Learn and Lilabee Clothing.

Providing practical resources for parents and teachers to use in home and classroom environments, Excited2Learn products:

  • Encourage cooperation in toddlers and young children with easy-to-follow daily morning and bedtime routines
  • Use positive reinforcement, natural rewards and visual aids in everyday life to help eliminate power struggles
  • Enable kids to recognize challenging emotions and use calming strategies
  • Smoothly guide families through transitions such as potty training and becoming a big brother or big sister to a new baby in the family 
  • Add fun to learning and educational concepts with original watercolor artwork incorporating colors, numbers and letters
  • Promote intellectual and social development

sarah and amandaA mother of two and former teacher with over a decade of experience, Amanda develops educational concepts, games and parenting tools for Excited2Learn. She holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Tufts University and has conducted extensive graduate work in behavioral education. She also spent four years as a lead teacher in a summer program for K-3 children with special needs.

Sarah holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Art Studio from Williams College. She creates the original artwork that is featured in our products, and as a mother of one also assists in developing parenting tools for Excited2Learn.

As a family-owned and operated small business in the USA, giving back to our community is extremely important to us. Excited2Learn contributes 5% of its profits to support children's education and family services.

We truly believe in the high quality educational and parenting tools we provide and hope they’ll serve as a helpful resource for you and your family. 

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