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Angela England: Traveling Games for Kids - Excited2Learn
Since the children were awake and full from breakfast they were feeling a bit restless. I thought this might be time to go ahead and pull out one of our traveling games. Out came the Magna-Doodle and the "What Did You See Today?" game.
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MarieLynnBoutique: Three Steps To A Well-Behaved Toddler
Positive reinforcement is key; check out these awesome products that your children will love, Excited2Learn.
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Root & Sprout: Create A Routine
What should the routine include? The answer depends on your child. Begin by making a list of everything that needs to occur before your preschooler is tucked in for the night. Include such universal tasks as putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and reading a story, and then customize the list to add the small details unique to your child, such as switching on the white noise machine, hugging her favorite stuffed animals, or picking out her clothes for the following day. Then, go over the list with your preschooler, and consider creating a visual representation of the tasks to post in her room. Hippo's Bedtime Routine chart from [] includes a bedtime board and 20 cards illustrating various nighttime activities that you can use to customize a routine for your child's individual needs.

Autism Resource List: Educational Toys and Learning Aides

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