As a physician and mother, I believe that [the cards] are a truly wonderful way to keep children engaged as we go through mundane parts of the day. Not only do they help keep children entertained, they help develop critical observational skills. They are great for all kids, even those with ADHD or behavioral challenges, by fostering positive interactions between caregiver and child at times when a child might otherwise have a "meltdown."
-- Jane C. (physician)

"I bought the Behavioral Chart for my extremely independent and self-sufficient 4-year-old girl. I had tried everything to encourage cooperation with requests like "Please brush your teeth.", "Please put your toys away.", "Please get dressed.". In desperation, I contacted someone at Excited2Learn and within a week, a behavioral chart was created just for my daughter!

This technique is THE ONLY one that has worked for us. My daughter feels empowered and so proud of herself. Rather than being told to listen, she chooses to listen. I NEVER struggle with her any more. She feels good about herself and her achievements. And once she has earned her points, we celebrate with the reward she has chosen!

It is my favorite system to date; it makes my job as a mom so much easier and more fun! And my daughter LOVES to listen now! It is wonderful. I look forward to passing along all of these products to friends and family."
-- Theresia O. (mother)

When I was visiting with my daughter’s family recently I had the joy of my first babysitting experience with my 15 month-old grandson Joey. My daughter nervously tried to remember to tell me everything to make the evening go smoothly for Joey and me but she forgot one thing. I was trying to get Joey to bed but he kept pointing to the bedroom door. Finally I brought him to the door and he pointed to the Hippo’s bedtime chart and I realized he was trying to tell me we needed to complete the chart before he went to sleep. I asked Joey "did we brush your teeth?" and he moved the patch on the chart up for that activity and every other bedtime step in his routine. After completing the chart he was fine and settled in for the night. The chart is a great idea!

Thank you Excited2Learn!
--Denise T. (grandma)

"The bright and cheery bulletin board sets are a great learning tool for any preschool or primary classroom. The beautiful illustrations naturally draw the attention of the students and engage them in learning letter/sound relationships and numeral identification in a systematic fashion. Find A Match is a highly motivating game. It is the perfect product to reinforce sequential ordering, numeral identification, and learning to read and spell number words to twenty. I love the fact that Find A Match provides the visual cues for self-correction and independent practice during math centers in my busy kindergarten classroom."
--Joyce R. (kindergarten teacher)

I ordered several of Excited2Learn's products to bring to a recent baby shower and was extremely pleased. It was wonderful to be able to bring such a high quality gift with extraordinary artwork and to have a gift which was unique and unexpected. It immediately got everyone talking about what a great idea the products are and how they wanted them for their own kids. I will definitely order more of these products for showers and baby gifts (and for my own kids!) in the future.
--Elizabeth O. (proud aunt)

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