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Feeding Chart (Newborn/Infant/Baby)

Easy-to-use chart to record a baby’s feeding schedule
Target Age: Moms/Caregivers

What’s Included:
* Feeding Chart (8.5 by 12 inches)
* 30 bottle tokens (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz)
* 6 nursed on left-side tokens
* 6 nursed on right-side tokens
* 6 solid food tokens
* 6 nursed on both sides (left-side first) tokens
* 6 nursed on both sides (right-side first) tokens

Description (including directions):
This easy to use chart will allow you to track: when your baby was fed on which side your baby last nursed how many ounces your baby has drunk (if bottle fed) patterns in your baby’s feedings.

Line up the left-hand corner of the card at the time that you started feeding to track when your baby was fed. This chart may also be used to indicate when a babysitter or partner should feed the baby.

Relax and enjoy your little one!

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