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I Am a Great Big Sister hippo reward chart

To help the whole family have a wonderful transition welcoming your new bundle of joy
Target Age: 1-7 years

What’s Included:
* "I Am a Great Big Sister" hippo reward chart

The hippo reward chart is designed to help big siblings embrace their new role as a caring older sibling. It is a simple, fun, and interactive way to not only help them to feel valued, but also to encourage positive behavior right from the beginning. When the older child displays the target behavior (being a supportive big brother), she will earn a token to attach to the chart. The tokens start off on the back of the chart and are simply moved to the front as they are earned. Once all 5 tokens are earned, the child receives a star!

These charts are self contained and designed to be convenient for travel and reuse over and over again. Children will love the cute dinosaur. Most importantly, the chart focuses the attention on the older sibling.

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