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Hippo’s Bedtime Routine

Help your child transition from being awake to being asleep with our original bedtime chart.

Target Age:

1-6 years

What’s Included:

* Bedtime routine board (8 by 17 inches)
* Twenty (2 by 2 inch) cards illustrating a variety of bedtime activities
* Direction sheet that explains how to use and customize the product
* The chart is designed with a ribbon, so it can be hung over a door knob/hook or carried with you during the bedtime routine. It would also be easy to adhere to a wall or mirror.

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We have made these charts easy to customize to your child’s individual needs. Our goal is to help children know what they can expect at the end of their day, so they are more secure when going to bed. We believe this will help your child sleep more soundly throughout the night. As your child gets older, Hippo’s Bedtime Routine provides the structure to allow him/her to gain more independence while allowing an adult to see which activities have been completed.

To set up your child’s chart, place up to seven cards that you want to display for your child’s bedtime routine on the blue strip. Place the first card in the routine on the left. Our products go from left to right so that children learn to track this way for reading. This chart allows you to switch the number of cards to condense or extend the bedtime schedule. When your child completes an activity in the bedtime routine, move the card directly up to the black, nighttime strip. When all the cards on your child’s chart are moved to the nighttime strip, then your child will know it is time to go to sleep. This bedtime routine chart is designed to create a relaxing, enjoyable time for you and your child.

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