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Hippo's Morning Routine

Help you create a morning schedule with clear expectations that will provide structure to the start of your day.

Target Age:

3-7 years

Whatís Included:

Morning routine board (8 by 17 inches)
Twenty (2 by 1.5 inch) cards illustrating a variety of morning activities
Direction sheet that explains how to use and customize the product
The chart is designed with a ribbon, so it can be hung over a door knob/hook or carried with you during the morning routine. It would also be easy to adhere to a wall or mirror.

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To set up your childís chart, place up to eight cards that you want to display for your childís morning routine on the top strip. Place the first card in the routine on the left. Our products go from left to right so that children learn to track this way for reading. This chart allows you to switch the number of cards to condense or extend the morning schedule.

We recommend that you do not save eating breakfast for last in your routine, because that will often result in breakfast getting cut short. It is important that children have a healthy breakfast before starting their day.† Ideally families would have at least fifteen minutes to eat breakfast together.† Having an enjoyable morning routine can set a positive tone for the entire day!

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