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I知 a Good Listener! Reward Chart (animals)

These charts will allow your child to visually see his/her progress and be proud of his/her accomplishments.

Target Age:

3 -7 years

What痴 Included:

*Durable reward board
*Twenty (2 by 2 inch) cards illustrating a wide selection of possible rewards
*Ten animal token cards & extra tokens in case any get misplaced
*A step by step direction sheet that explains how to implement and customize this product based upon your child痴 needs and interests.

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Encourage your child to have good behavior with the use of these charts. This chart is an excellent way to praise your child for his/her accomplishment. By focusing on socially appropriate behaviors you will help your child replace negative behaviors with desirable behaviors.

This interactive process allows your child to be engaged in the learning process. Your child will be able to earn an animal token when he/she displays the target behavior (i.e., listening, sharing, helping, being a great big sister/brother or being a good friend). When the board is filled the child gets the reward.

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