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I Can Wash My Hands!

Help children learn to wash their hands with this original chart.

Target Age:

2-5 years

What’s Included:

I Can Wash My Hands! durable, waterproof chart (8.5 by 11 inches)
Direction sheet that explains how to use this product as well as helpful hints


When teaching children new skills it is important to make it fun. This visual aid is designed to help teach children the important steps for washing their hands. Teaching children proper hand washing technique is one of the best ways to keep children and others healthy.

It is important to explicitly teach children that there are many times during the day when they should wash their hands, e.g., after using the bathroom, before eating, after playing outside or with a pet. Help children to be aware that when they scrub their hands with soap they are removing germs, which are like tiny bugs. Teach your children the importance of scrubbing the back and front of their hands, between their fingers, their wrists, and under their finger nails.

Teaching children to sing a favorite song or verse during the, “Scrub, scrub, scrub” step on the chart will encourage children to scrub for long enough. Pick a song that is at least 20 seconds long when sung quickly. Having children teach their favorite stuffed animal or doll to wash their hands using this chart can help them internalize the steps and allows you to make sure your children fully understand each step on the chart. It also reinforces the importance of hand washing.

This chart is helpful for children as well as individuals with special needs. It is designed to be durable and easy to clean.  We hope you and your children find this chart helpful.

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