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What Can You Find? Walking

This game will make walks more enjoyable for both parents and children.

Target Age:

2-6 years

What’s Included:

*Durable game board (11 by 8 inches
*Forty (2 by 2 inch) cards illustrating a wide selection of possible items for a child to find
*A loop on the upper left-hand corner of each product, which allows for the game board to be attached to a shopping cart, stroller or car seat


The “What Can You Find?” product line is designed to help parents entertain their children during typically challenging times: doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, long car rides, and walks. As a teacher I found that almost all children love treasure/scavenger hunts. I utilized this concept when developing these activities. You can help your children be curious and learn about the world around them with these products. These designs have both written text as well as pictures to provide children with a print rich environment.

There is one main game board and 40 smaller game pieces with hand-painted designs. Each of the game pieces has one item that your children might find during the target activity. On the front and back of the game board there are spots of velcro. Choose 3 to 6 items from the 40 illustrations you want your child or children to be responsible for finding during their adventure. Velcro the selected cards to the back of the board. During the activity the children will be responsible for looking for these items. When an item is spotted, the children move the card with the illustration from the back to the front of the game board.

These products are designed to help your children engage with their environment and facilitate learning. I encourage you to be creative and improvise. The idea is to adapt these products to best meet your children’s needs. Most of all, my hope is to make routine activities more manageable and exciting.

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